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the war saying u.s. national security and afghan lives are at risk. officials say that manning is essentially on a suicide watch out of fear that he may try to harm himself. >>> with one day left in july, it has already become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. overnight, we learned three more u.s. service members have been killed. a nato statement released early this morning says the americans died in two separate blasts. just minutes ago, another report that three more soldiers have died. those six deaths bring the u.s. death toll in afghanistan to at least 66 according to the "associated press." that's the highest one-month total in the history of a nearly nine-year war. >>> marc riders are feeling the pain caused by yesterday's storms. several trains were canceled less than a day after power lines fell on to the tracks. it happened between silver spring and formest glen stations just before the evening rush. thousands of commuters from union station dealt with delays. the situation was much worse for more than three dozen passengers on board a train that wa
the constitution well. >> byrd was the longest serving lawmaker in the history of the u.s. congress. it's now 11:11. there is more news ahead on "news 4 midday." overnight, our virginia family got a rude awakening after this fast-moving fire. we will show you where. crews get back to work after hurricane alex moved through the gulf. we will show you how the strong winds and heavy waves made the oil disaster worse. >>> could the giant pandas at the national zoo be moving? we find out >>> new today, a family was able to escape a huge house fire overnight. you can see the flames shoot out of the home along the 5200 block of elicott court in centerville. they say the fire started on the front porch sparked by used fireworks not properly disposed of. everyone was able to get out of the house safely. it took firefighters about half an hour to put out the flames. damage to the home is extensive. >>> this is day 73 of the gulf oil disaster. the coast was spared the brunt of hurricane alex. the strong winds and waves pushed oil closer to the marsh lands and beaches. local leaders and bp officials are ram
the canal attacked by d.c. fireboats. >>> and the u.s. pursuit of film director norman polanski may be over after three decades. "news 4 midday" begins right now. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison today, monday, july 12th, 2010. just moments after world cup cheers were heard around the world, terror struck the country of uganda. suicide bombers hit two spot where is people were gathered watching the game. in the end, at least 74 people were killed. there were simultaneous explosions that happened at a popular ethiopian restaurant and a large rugby field in kampala. one american was among the victims. nbc's tom aspell has the latest. >> reporter: the final minutes of the world cup soccer tournament in johannesburg. millions glued to television screens all over the world. but in uganda, it was an opportunity for terror. three bombs ripped through as fans watched the match. there was no warning. >> an explosion, and then the second one went off. >> reporter: at least one american was killed in the bombings. a san diego-based aid group c
deadly day in afghanistan for u.s. troops. coming up, the latest on attacks that left eight americans dead in a 24-hour period. plus, first delays on testing a new oil well cap are announced. now, word there will be delays on drilling a relief well. we will run down the new information from the gulf. name your price. a rare stephen strasburg >>> today, five more american troops are dead from attacks in afghanistan. nato says four of the troops were killed by a roadside bomb while another died from wounds in a gun battle. the total of eight killed south of the country dominated by the taliban. they have stepped up security in that area. >>> it looks like a top official won't have to answer to congress about the mismanagement at arlington national cemetery. deputy secretary they are monday higgen bottom has retired. he has made his retirement retroactive to july 2nd, that's the same way they found out congress wanted to interview him about botched contracts. he had been on administrative leave since last month. his supervisor was reprimanded and also retired. >>> you can see oil is stil
convicted of spying for the u.s. has been flown to austria in the first step of a swap. all the spy suspects busted in the united states several days ago are expected to plead guilty at an arraignment hearing later today in new york city. >> reporter: top secret meetings and plea negotiations. from virginia and boston to new york, ten alleged spies will all appear in federal court this afternoon and could be out of the country as early as today. a plea deal could give deeper insight without revealing sensitive government information in court. >> the government has obviously had these people under surveillance for a long period of time. but i'm sure they have a number of questions that they'd like answered about how this whole operation ran. >> reporter: prosecutors claim the suspects had been using fake passports and secret code words to get information on the american businesses. word of a possible swap came from the family of this russian scientist, convicted six years ago of spying for the cia. his relatives say he'd been moved from his prison cell prepped for a swap. david wise is a jour
confirm that the taliban killed a u.s. sailor and kidnapped another. coalition forces have been searching for the two since they left their compound in kabul on friday. the sailors' suv turned up full of bullets about 80 miles away. afghan officials say taliban fighters ambushed the americans. >> there is a tremendous amount of effort going on to find them, to search, and beyond that, i wouldn'tçó -- i can't discuss a additional details. >> military officials would not say why the sailors traveled to such a dangerous part of eastern afghanistan. >>> it's 11:12 right now. heavy rains, strong winds. coming up, we continue our coverage of yesterday's damaging storms. crews are out this morning, removing downed trees and trying to restore power. >>> plus the latest on the oil disaster in the gulf, including the latest on reports that bp chief executive tony hayward is on the way out. >>> and what venezuela's president is threatening now against the u.s. stay with us. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez is threatening to cut off u.s. oil shipments. that threat comes after dispute with the c
. >>> the children of the ten people who were deported will be allowed to leave the u.s. at any time as long as it complies with their parents' wishes and is legal under u.s. law. >>> riots overnight in california. why people headed into the streets and why more than 50 people were arrested? >>> the latest deadline for bp to stop the leaking oil in the gulf. lebron james announces the formation of what some are calling a dream team. why his 1. >>> right now, crews are working to pull a tour boat from the delaware river that sank after colliding with a barge on wednesday. 37 people were on board. this morning, workers recovered the body of a 16-year-old girl from hungary. another woman is still missing and presumed dead. the tour boat company has suspended its operations nationwide. >>> we are following a developing story out in oakland, california. riot police were out in full force last night following a verdict in the racially charged trial of a white police officer who killed an unarmed black man. the jerry found the officer guilty of involuntary manslaughter. jeannie kim reports. >> this
are following breaking news out of afghanistan where the second u.s. navy sailor who was missing has been found dead. the "associated press" is reporting it is jerod newlove. he and justin mcneley vanished friday from a dangerous part of eastern afghanistan. >> two men in custody after leading police on a wild chase through northern virginia. it began with a hotel robbery in arlington and ended in old town, alexandria, where one suspect ran into alexandria city hall. investigators say it all began when the men robbed a hotel on south gleeb in arlington. they chased the getaway vehicle where it crashed. they arrested one suspect and another fled into alexandria city hall. he was later caught. authorities credit officers from three agencies with handling the situation well. >> prince george's county was the lookout, arlington county with the way they handled the pursuit and our officers who made the decision and our commanders who are on the scene and made the decision to go inside of city hall to isolate and contain that individual and apprehend him. >> police later learned that the getaway su u
. >>> the u.s. embassy is confirming two americans were killed in the hills surrounding pakistan's capital. >> three days after a deadly storm, thousands remain without power. pepco says some could remain in the dark until friday. >>> troubling news for metro riders. many of the same issues that existed before last year's deadly red line crash still exit today. "news 4 midday" begins right now. >>> good wednesday morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm aaron gilchrist, barbara harrison is on assignment this morning. wednesday, july 28th, 2010. it is three days later. utility crews are working to restore power to thousands of residents still in the dark after sunday's storms. in northeast washington, electrical wires still hang from trees and rest along the streets. the power could be out for several more days. most of the outages are in maryland, particularly in montgomery county. pepco is working to restore power to more than 25,000 customers there. more than 5,000 customers are in the dark in prince george's county and in the district, a little more than 2300 custome
in 1958 after serving three terms in the u.s. house. he held some of the highest positions in congress and was serving an unprecedented ninth term when he died. today, the group of onlookers gathered outside the capital where a mix of federal workers and even some former staff members. >> from washington state. >> staff back in the '80s and '90s. >> i'm actually from utah. >> reporter: regardless of where they came from, they all came here for the same witness, to witness history as the longest serving u.s. congressional lawmaker is honored in the place he served his country for more than 50 years of his life. >> he was an institution, a great defender of the institution of the senate, understood the constitution as well as any member probably ever has, respected it and probably somewhat the last of a special type of senator. >> it is sad that he passed away. he gave so much of his time to the country and it's just great that we are able to honor him. >> senator byrd will lie in repose on the senate floor until 3:45 p.m. his casket will then be flown to charleston, west virginia. presi
on our top story. this morning's earthquake. people with the u.s. geological survey have received more than 14,000 reports of the tremor across the region. tracee wilkins is live in virginia where she sfoek with o one of the experts. >> reporter: we spoke to a senior scientist who tells us that he slept through the earth this morning. his wife heard it like a truck going past the house. he said it is a great thing we had everything in our home strapped down four our 18-month-old. it could have been bad had this taken our house and something fallen over. while we don't see ourselves as earthquake country in the d.c. area, we do have faults in this area. that's what created all of our mountainous areas here. it was long, long, long before any of us even existed here. of course, lots haof our structures here as well. while we may not be california, we do have faults. i asked, what about these folks that live out in germantown, do they need to move? here is what he had to say. >> this was a very small earthquake, possible there will be one or two additional quakes. they will be very small.
effort to convince pakistanis that the u.s. is focused on backing the country's fight against taliban and al qaeda militants. clinton is on a mission aimed at red defining america's goals in the war in afghanistan. >>> and more than just diplomacy on her mind these days. she's also busy planning her only daughter's wedding right now. mrs. clinton says her daughter chelsea's upcoming wedding is making her and former bill clinton nervous wrecks. still clinton is remaining tightlipped about many details of the upcoming event. during an interview with nbc's andrea mitchell. here's what she said. >> my lips are sealed, andrea. i am under very strict orders not to talk about it, and i think for the right reason. >> it's chelsea's wedding. >> it is hers, and it's a family wedding, and the people coming are her friends and people that have been meaningful in her life, as it should be. >> chelsea clinton is engaged to marry investment banker mark mezvinsky at the end of the month in upstate new york. >>> and tom joins me now, and we actually kind of remember the groom in this wedding because h
front. coming up, how u.s. troops will respond to a new commanding general in afghanistan. >>> plus, panic at a fourth of july parade when horses bolt out of control and into a crowd of people. >>> also, how a catering company is trying to profit from princess diana. the idea may gross you out. we're warning you. stay with us. >>> vice president biden met with jalal talabani today in baghdad. he's been urging iraqi politicians to name a new prime minister and other county leaders. there had been a delay in naming the new leader since elections took place in march. the white house fears that the uncertainty is fueling violence. the vice president and his wife arrived in iraq on saturday to make a surprise fourth of july visit with troops. >>> the fourth of july meant not only celebrating this country's birthday, but it also turned the focus of many to the two wars america is currently engaged in. some significant talks took place and changes were made in both wars. nbc's tracie potts report osen a nation at war on the fourth. >> to the world that al qaeda and its network of extremist
are under way for the man who served half a century in the u.s. senate. news 4 midday begins right now. >>> good morning everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm eun yang. it's tuesday, july 6, 2010. we begin with the dangerous heat. starting at noon today a heat advisory will be in effect. the heat index could reach 105 degrees. tom joins us now in the studio with the first forecast. tom, you can just see the heat out there. >> the humidity, too, has increased a bit and is only going to get thicker tomorrow. the humidity will be building and today's high may reach 100 degrees. we've only reached 100 degrees five times in the last ten years. so it is highly unusual to get this hot even right here around washington where we normally think oh, gee every summer it gets to a hundred but it really doesn't. there is the live view from the city camera showing that summer thick haze that hangs over the national mall. there's the washington monument, the jefferson memorial. right now 97. it is 97 at national airport here at 11:00 in the morning. so we will likely exceed 100 degrees here this aft
] low prices you can count on. at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. >>> two u.s. service members were killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan in the southern part of the country. the taliban telephoned the "associated press" claiming they shot the chopper down. they aren't ruling out hostile fire but are still investigating. at least 50 u.s. troops have been killed in afghanistan so far this month. from earth to outer space, a farmer found a massive star in a galaxy far, far away. british scientists found the star in the large cloud outside our milky way. the new star is a whopping 265 times the size of our sun. it actually slimmed down over time. the star could actually rewrite the books about the stars. many scientists first thought large stars were so unstable they would die in huge explosions. this is not the case apparently. this star is about 1 million years old. must be pretty interesting to you, tom. >> if it was 265 times hotter than our sun, the temperature today would reach 25,000 degrees here. >> from that sun being that far away? >> but it is not
their hours for the rest of the week. >>> chopper 4 is over the u.s. naval academy. four mid shipmen suffered from heat-related incidents. a spokeswoman stated that the midshipmen are receiving proper treatment. po for more ways to beat this heat, visit our website, nbcwashington.com. >>> a look for drivers in d.c. it is making a real mess of the roads literally. there is something slippery on the roads at 14th and "u" in northwest. it is causing an inconvenience for drivers and pedestrians a like. >> reporter: if you can take a look behind me, there is sand covering the road from curb to curb. the streets are still blocked off around the "u" street corridor. they are calling this an accidental spill. it may be oil or grease but we actually have no confirmation of what exactly is on the roads. >>> it's a fact of life. road conditions affect traffic. this morning, along the "u" street corridor, a slick and greasy mess shut down several streets. >> the heat is going to make it worse. >> i know it is going to be a mess. we have to get it together, you streets. we're not exact lie sure when they
despite being a u.s. citizen. he was questioned and held in cairo until he got a waiver from federal authorities allowing him to fly home. >> i am mad it took so long. i had to be stuck in egypt for two months. other than that, i'm cool, man. i'm happy to be back. >> he tells news 4 that one of the best things about being home is eating his mom's lasagna. >>. >> our time is 11:11. a new face is key. coming up, the new lawmaker that could help pass a bill to extend jobless benefits. it looks like the cap on the blown out well in the gulf of mexico is going to stay tightly closed. we will have the latest. >>> lindsay lohan is due back in court. we will have the latest >>> the senate is expected to pass the extension of the unemployment benefits act this afternoon. democrats say they the votes to avoid e avoid a republican filibuster thanks to carte goodwin who will be sworn in to succeed the late sen. robert byrd. republicans say they support the bill but argue the extension would add to the national deficit. >>> the senate judiciary committee is meeting to vote on supreme court justic
. the cia paid an iranian scientist more than $5 million, the same man who said he was tortured by u.s. interrogators. he claims u.s. agents kidnapped him and took him to america. he also says he was drugged and tortured. american officials deny those allegations but admit he was paid to provide intelligence on the iranian nuclear program. he does not have to return the money. since he is there and the money is here, it might be tough for him to access the account because of financial sanctions against iran. >>> we are following a developing story this morning involving former vice president dick cheney. doctors say he will be recuperating for several weeks after having a small pump inserted in his heart. he had been experiencing increasing heart failure. he received an inflatable pump to improve heart function. the surgery took place last week at a nova fairfax heart and varies cl vascular institute where he was still recovering. >> the left ventricle increases in size and becomes very weak. as a result, it is not able to pump the blood to the rest of the body. instead of the blood be
church. 11:41 is your time now. 80 degrees. still ahead on "news 4 midday," the u.s. trade deficit widened in may. we'll see how wall street is reacting to the news this morning. >>> hair loss may be more common in women than you think. we will look for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. >>> passport fees go up today. it will now cost $130. it used to cost $100. renewing your passport will now cost you $110. visas for foreigners are more expensive now. we now nowhere north tlop grum monds will be placed. they are relocated from the los angeles area. the company expects to move in by next summer. >>> upbeat earnings reports could push stocks higher. let's check in with cnbc's courtney reagan. she joins us live. good morning. >> good morning to you. they are pushing stocks higher. the dow is up about 169 p points right now. we got earnings seasons off to
sunday night which detailed the u.s. strategy in afghanistan, war targets and partners. the pentagon is still reading through the documents trying to assess the damage. >>> our time right now is 13 minutes after 11:00. bp says their top priority remains sealing the blown oil well in the gulf. coming up, the latest on the company's change in leadership and a look at the new man in charge. plus, new information on how bad problems are in arlington national cemetery. the dirty details of a new report that may make you think twice about a trip to the concession stand at the verizon center and how other local stadiums compare. stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> that gulf oil spill may soon make history again as enbattled bpceo, tony hayward makes an ex sit and robert dudley takes over as the company tries to clean up an oil spill. leanne gregg has more. >> reporter: at the center of a firestorm, controversial ceo, tony hayward, is out as bp's ceo. stepping down in october to take a job with the company's joint venture in russia. his vehicle, rushed by cameras as he left company headqu
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